Big House Landshipping

Personal Reflections on the Big House Landshipping Pembrokeshire Restoration Project

It is not often that I have the time to update this website since the kiddies and I have moved on from our Big House Adventure. We were in 2014 involved in a BBC documentary that shows how we are getting on - for people who kindly contact me asking how we are - you can see our progress in this programme. Enjoy!

Wow, I have been really amazed to see that this Big House blog has attracted visitors from all over the world. It has really surprised and encouraged me to share my story. Visitors are landing here from Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, the United States, the Netherlands and Australia in addition to those from the UK. I hope you enjoy reading the true story of the saving of the Big House Landshipping. 

The Original Big House website

2000 - viewing the project with newborn son Geraint in my arms

Welcome to this home-made site; written from one of Britain's sleepiest backwaters on the banks of the Eastern Cleddau where I lived and worked since moving into a leaky caravan at the back of an old ruined Big House Ty Mawr in rural west Wales on a dark and gloomy November day in 2001. Well it seemed like a good idea at the time! To read some of the tale of my Big House adventure, click here:

This website intends to focus on our journey rather than the destination - because of the lack of progress on restoring the house- it is really about juggling raising a family and tackling the challenges of living in this fascinating part of the world, along with my own dreams and aspirations, which in itself is quite a turn around for this city girl.

moulding window lintels; 2006

A good day on the feathers on board the Cleddau King en route to Watwick Bay.

The last old Llangwm fishing black-tarred boat (before it was completely rebuilt). This old rowing boat first brought me to Pembrokeshire's secret waterway in 1996.

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